SpaBerry Hot Tub Reviews

We all live in a transparent world today and as a result we are bombarded with information via the internet! When we are interested in a product, we are eager to search the web looking for any bad news we can find about the product we are interested in purchasing.

At Spaberry we strive to maintain the best possible relationships with our customers and if something goes wrong we want to resolve it as quickly and as professionally as possible. Unfortunately, once in a blue moon it does not matter how much effort, cost or time we invest in resolving a problem it simply can't be resolved and the customer wants their say online.

Stop and Think For A Moment

Consider whom the product is built by and who they Cross Brand with. This is critical research because Household Recognized Brands will not partner with other brands that have a bad reputation. These Household Recognized Brands have the time, the money and the resources to perform in-depth research of products they want to Cross Brand with. Now Consider that - Budweiser, Mercedes, Lowes Home Improvement, Home Depot, Home Hardware, The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, Chevrolet, Volvo, The Brick, The Calgary Stampede, The CNE, Spruce Meadows, Cabelas, FinanceIt and many more have all Cross Branded with SpaBerry!

Product Reviews – By The Numbers!

There isn’t a product made today that doesn’t have a bad review on line! The key is to weigh up the good vs. the bad when it comes to reviews!

If a company has 10,000 of their spas on the market and has 10 bad reviews … the glass half empty person reading these reviews thinks WOW, I am not buying this spa. When the glass half full person reading these reviews thinks … WOW, they have sold 10,000 or more products and ONLY have 10 Bad Reviews in over a decade! This means their bad review ratio is ONLY 1/1000 of every spa they sell they have a bad review … this means that they build a pretty reliable product and their success ratio is 99.9% of the time they build a spa people are happy, and I am going to buy that spa!

Genuine Customer SpaBerry Feedback